mario brothers stunt

I saw this in CNN today. These guys are so cool! I love how creative people are.


thankful for nothing


DAD: The hair thieves are in Venezuela. They make women put their hair in pony tails then cut them off…and sold for hair extensions. love dad 
ME: Phew 
DAD: This is for real. honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if the same crime soon comes to a city near you. Love dad 
ME: I’ll watch out. Thanks dad 
DAD: Remember you are a prey item, a quarry, a target, a victim for some cold hearted, vicious, non-human. That’s why I mean it when I say ‘safety first’ 

Me: Daddy! Can I please please please have a cat?! 
Dad: We have one already, he comes by every night and visits the trash 

Me: I bought new curtains. 
Mom: Send me a pic 
Me: Sorry it’s blurry 
Mom: #cutecurtains 


night train

My dad listens to country music for about 50% of his day, so I get so many songs stuck in my head. I always love this one though.


i said "cap" not "cat"


Me: Are you having a fancy anniversary dinner? 
Dad: Yes. Very. Scallops on a bed of mushrooms and pea risotto. Eating on the veranda overlooking the Pacific Ocean…with my bride by my side. 
Me: Wow on your own veranda? 
Dad: No just a big ass porch. 

DAD: If u evr gt the chance 2 meet justin beaver, tll him to stay away frm u. i dnt want him touching u. 
DAD: ur mom jst taught me how 2 txt. it took me 17 mins 2 rite tht. 
DAD: luv u babycakes 
DAD: i m proud of u 

DAD: Are we bowling? If so, what time? 
ME: Up to you! 
DAD: Umm… whats the bowling vibe? Positive? Indifferent? Negative? On a scale of 1-5. 


update on the casa

Things are moving along with the house. We are finishing projects here and there, from bigger ones (painting my dresser) to smaller ones like putting up pictures. Our goal is to have almost everything done by Labor Day weekend. After that I will post some before and after pics of the whole house. One thing we won't be able to re-do for awhile because of the cost is the kitchen. I posted a pic below. Check back on the blog for more pics to come!


lake weekend recap

Amy's Bachelorette weekend was so fun and relaxing! Being at the house has been a lot to handle with my mind because I can't relax...there's always something to work on! Being away was exactly what I needed. I got to meet some of Amy's friends from college and from Smyrna, which was nice to put faces with names. Her maid of honor Lauren did such a great job with the house and food. I was definitely hesitant about coming back home to our unorganized house!
Me and Katie soaking up the rays (and burning)
The whole group