the duggars


Mom: Just don’t brush your teeth with preparation H. I have a stomachache from it. I’m gona die. 

DAD: I love u 
ME: love you too! 
DAD: its my favorite vowell 

MOM: the only reason I know anything is because of jon stewart 
ME: Hey daddy, You owe me 147 dollars. 
DAD: Hey sweetie – you owe me your life!! 
Mom: Your sweetener came 
 Mom: Swaddler 
Mom: Sweat 
Mom: Swatter 
Mom: Sweater 

Me: …Okay MOM: Sugar in glass of moscato 
MOM: Sorry thought I was googling it 
MOM: Sugar in glass of moscato 

Mom: Do you use windex? 
Me: Haha Yes, why? 
Mom: Don’t feel like typing explanation. 

Dad: I know I have said something like this before, but I hate it when I am singing along with a really cool song, and then find out it is Kanye West, sad face. 

Me: Is there any more cornbread? 
Mom: Yes in my nightstand. 
Me: You’re keeping cornbread in your nightstand? 
Mom: Because the cat attacked the cornbread and she wouldn’t stop eating it so I put it in nearest place I could find. 
Mom: Must protect cornbread at all costs. 

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