my sister's beautiful dining room

Loves this week:

My sister's dining room and kitchen were featured on Flikr's Explore page! Her husband built this beautiful dining room table for them.


news anchor fail

Mom: At work what’s up? 
Me: I’m wearing your shirt with these linen shorts I just got…I look like you basically 
Mom: You must look so hot! Send a pic! 

Mom: I had Indian food for lunch. 
MOM: It’s gone right through me like in Bride’s Maids. 

Mom: I used 2 hashtags on Facebook today LOL. Boobsweat and thighsonleather lmao 


friends with kids

My two good friends from college both had baby girls this past week! They are so sweet and I'm so proud of them because they both had hard labors. Here are some pics. I can't wait to meet them!

Sarah Jean's baby Campbell Norah:
Katie M's baby (name TBA): (UPDATE: Sylvie Ann)


prom queen

Mom: i don’t care if youre the prom queen, youre not goin out tonight 

Dad: Where r u? 
Dad: We’re sitting on a hill 
Dad: My butt hurts fyi 
Dad: We saw a poodle here 

MOM: I just had my drivers license renewed i look like a convict with very colorful earrings now i am on way to country club 

MOM: do I use right click or left click to open a file? 
ME: ??? don’t you have a mac? 
MOM: how do I left click on a mac? it doesn’t work to use my left hand 


girl put your records on

I haven't heard this song in a while, but it popped up on my Ingrid Michelson Pandora channel and I remembered how good it is...


stop trashing millennials

I saw this great article on CNN about how millennials get a bad rap for being entitled, delaying adulthood and wanting a trophy for every little achievement. While I think we are far from being the greatest generation like our grandparents, I think we do deserve a little more credit (not a trophy :-) for entering adulthood during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Click here to read it.


the duggars


Mom: Just don’t brush your teeth with preparation H. I have a stomachache from it. I’m gona die. 

DAD: I love u 
ME: love you too! 
DAD: its my favorite vowell 

MOM: the only reason I know anything is because of jon stewart 
ME: Hey daddy, You owe me 147 dollars. 
DAD: Hey sweetie – you owe me your life!! 
Mom: Your sweetener came 
 Mom: Swaddler 
Mom: Sweat 
Mom: Swatter 
Mom: Sweater 

Me: …Okay MOM: Sugar in glass of moscato 
MOM: Sorry thought I was googling it 
MOM: Sugar in glass of moscato 

Mom: Do you use windex? 
Me: Haha Yes, why? 
Mom: Don’t feel like typing explanation. 

Dad: I know I have said something like this before, but I hate it when I am singing along with a really cool song, and then find out it is Kanye West, sad face. 

Me: Is there any more cornbread? 
Mom: Yes in my nightstand. 
Me: You’re keeping cornbread in your nightstand? 
Mom: Because the cat attacked the cornbread and she wouldn’t stop eating it so I put it in nearest place I could find. 
Mom: Must protect cornbread at all costs. 


moving week

We got the keys this week and are moving in to our new home!! I hope to post some before and after pics of the house to track progress. I will miss the simplicity of our loft (we rented) but I am so looking forward to having a yard for Maebe. And for us. 

Matt has been looking on Pinterest (he calls it Manterest) for inspirations for our kitchen and our back deck, which will be our two main projects in the house. We are going to start painting this week, all neutral colors. Yes, we are boring and I don't want to have to paint again before we move out. Here are some of the ideas Matt is liking for our back deck:


crappy weather but it's still the beach

Matt and I went with some friends to Destin for the Fourth of July. The weather was pretty miserable, but we did get one nice day at least! One night we went out to Stinky's Seafood for dinner (and waited 2.5 hours to eat!) and I tried an oyster shooter for the first time. The consistency really grossed me out and I spit it back in the cup. Hey, at least I tried it.

Here are some pics of the trip.