song lake

My family and I got got back from Syracuse on Sunday. We had a great and very relaxing vacation. My grandmother has a lake house on the very small Song Lake in upstate New York. We hung out at the dock, kayaked and road the paddle boat, and learned about a game up north called Kan Jam. It's similar to corn hole, but with Frisbees. And yes, I plan to bring it to the south. :-) We also went on a cruise around the much bigger Lake Skaneateles. We were nervous about Myer being on a boat for three hours, but he did great! The houses were incredible! Here are some pics of our trip:


i'm so in love with ya honey

My dad and I have been watching this song. Loved the Swon Brothers version of the Kenny Loggins classic, Danny's Song.


house and travel update

We closed on the house Monday! Matt and I should be moving in around mid-July. Ready to get in that place!

Today we are flying to Syracuse to see my relatives. It was a Christmas present to all the kids from my parents. My mom even bought us a small dinner cruise on Lake Skaneateles, a really pretty lake up there. Matt, Katie, Chris, Myer and Colleen are all going. It will be nice to reminisce on all the Fourth of Julys spent up there with the cousins.



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Mom: How do I get to google on my computer? 
Me: Type in google.com into your address bar… 
Mom: What is address bar? 

MOM: I just had my drivers license renewed i look like a convict with very colorful earrings now i am on way to country club 

Grandma: get your papers done? 
 Me: you know it! 
Grandma: I was so happy today 
Grandma: I went and got drunk. 

Thanks to my friend Laura for telling me about this gem:


house update

The update on the house is that inspection went pretty well and appraisal as well. We just got finished with the underwriting so we are good to close next Tuesday, June 11th. We are letting the owners rent back to us for up to two months after the closing, so the latest we would possibly move in is August 11th (but hopefully sooner!). We are so excited to have a yard for our Maebe girl!



These sisters on the show Nashville are so talented. Here is their song Telescope.