lobster baby

MOM: Many thanks for the scrumptious chocolate strawberries! 
Emoticon: Pic of tiny cute animal munching with some chocolate crumbs found on the corners of her/his mouth. 

DAD: found my tooth 
DAD: meeting dentist at 430 to put it back in love you dad 

DAD: We got billed by jamster.com cos u clicked on a text msg on Feb 28 
ME: Omg I am so sorry I didn’t even know! 
DAD: I know. It is a scam. Many ppl have been taken in to the dark side. You were one of them. Goodbye. 

DAD: Did you talk to my plants yet? It helps them grow 
ME: Not Yet. I’ve been too shy to introduce myself 
DAD: The cucumbers and peppers are pretty open. Make sure you introduce yourself to the tomatoes before you start dialogue. 

MOM: The front door is unlocked and the possum is raiding the front porch trash so don’t be startled. Love you & good night. 

MOM: When u get home you may find the carton of my milk somewhere odd. I don’t know where I put it and I can’t find it. 

DAD: Mom got a new lemonade pitcher. But the picture on the front is misleading because it has ice floating in the lemonade. 
ME: Why is it misleading? Ice does float.
DAD: Oh.

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