jekyll and hyde


Dad: Hi SOrry for not getting back to you. I ha e a 4g phone now. You can text me whenever. Are you doing the cinnamon challenge? 
Me: Uhmmm no? 
Dad: Just wondering. Be safe. Love you. 

DAD: Guess what I’m doing?? 
ME: what? 
DAD: Watching otters! Me: … 
DAD: I’m observing them from afar 
DAD: They are gambolling in the water 
DAD: One is eating a crab 
DAD: They are living their lives 

Mom: Have you seen my cell phone lately? 

Me: Accept mom’s friend request on Facebook 
 Dad: NO. 

Dad: What kind of nuts do you like? 
Dad: Food nuts 
Dad: Just to clarify 

Me: is it alright if I have some friends over to watch a movie?? 
Dad: yes 
Me: thank you 
Dad: when? 
Dad: and what are we watching?
 Dad: I’ve got the popcorn. 
Dad: are you bringing milk duds? 
 Dad: I’m so excited. 

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