jekyll and hyde


Dad: Hi SOrry for not getting back to you. I ha e a 4g phone now. You can text me whenever. Are you doing the cinnamon challenge? 
Me: Uhmmm no? 
Dad: Just wondering. Be safe. Love you. 

DAD: Guess what I’m doing?? 
ME: what? 
DAD: Watching otters! Me: … 
DAD: I’m observing them from afar 
DAD: They are gambolling in the water 
DAD: One is eating a crab 
DAD: They are living their lives 

Mom: Have you seen my cell phone lately? 

Me: Accept mom’s friend request on Facebook 
 Dad: NO. 

Dad: What kind of nuts do you like? 
Dad: Food nuts 
Dad: Just to clarify 

Me: is it alright if I have some friends over to watch a movie?? 
Dad: yes 
Me: thank you 
Dad: when? 
Dad: and what are we watching?
 Dad: I’ve got the popcorn. 
Dad: are you bringing milk duds? 
 Dad: I’m so excited. 


merry go 'round

I have been listening to this song over and over. It's kinda depressing, but so good!


perm mullet


Me: You don’t happen to do make-up too, do you? 
Uncle: Only if you want to look like a hooker 

Mom: I wanted to send you ice cream in your care package but your dad said no. 

Me: knock knock 
Mom: Who’s there? We had to leave dinner and miss the movie to take your grandmother to the hospital. 

Dad: next week if you see a strange mountain man cleaning up the sides of our house I hired him 
Dad: his name is Happy 


big news!

I have good news! We are under contract (again) for a house we love! It is in walking distance to the Marietta square, more in our price range than the last house, and has the cutest yard for Maebe! Given all goes well with the inspection and appraisal, we will close on June 11th. Here is a picture of the house:


lobster baby

MOM: Many thanks for the scrumptious chocolate strawberries! 
Emoticon: Pic of tiny cute animal munching with some chocolate crumbs found on the corners of her/his mouth. 

DAD: found my tooth 
DAD: meeting dentist at 430 to put it back in love you dad 

DAD: We got billed by jamster.com cos u clicked on a text msg on Feb 28 
ME: Omg I am so sorry I didn’t even know! 
DAD: I know. It is a scam. Many ppl have been taken in to the dark side. You were one of them. Goodbye. 

DAD: Did you talk to my plants yet? It helps them grow 
ME: Not Yet. I’ve been too shy to introduce myself 
DAD: The cucumbers and peppers are pretty open. Make sure you introduce yourself to the tomatoes before you start dialogue. 

MOM: The front door is unlocked and the possum is raiding the front porch trash so don’t be startled. Love you & good night. 

MOM: When u get home you may find the carton of my milk somewhere odd. I don’t know where I put it and I can’t find it. 

DAD: Mom got a new lemonade pitcher. But the picture on the front is misleading because it has ice floating in the lemonade. 
ME: Why is it misleading? Ice does float.
DAD: Oh.


flapper girl

My sweet husband gave me a $15 iTunes gift card to I was able to buy a few new songs! Love this one from the Lumineers.


house hunting is not as fun as it sounds

Hello blog world!

I have been MIA for awhile because things have been so crazy! Matt and I are trying to find a house and have been looking since January. Unfortunately we picked the absolute worst time to buy a house (well except for maybe 2007). The inventory is so low right now that buyers are scrambling to find decent houses. The stressful part is that you have to be so vigilant and always watching online to see a house pop up, so you can be one of the first to offer. Houses are getting multiple offers within the first week they are on the market. 

We had an offer accepted on a house in a Marietta neighborhood, and ended up backing out of it the last day we could. We got cold feet because we knew we would be stretched financially and didn't want to be house poor.

Now we are back to square one. Hopefully something will pop us soon! Wish us luck. :-)