travel catch up

I have been doing a lot of traveling lately and haven't been good about recaps. Trying to be better about it, it will be nice to look back to remember details about my travels.

In mid-March Matt and I went to Macon to visit our friends. It was a college reunion to celebrate two of my friends having babies! It was great to see everyone and play games like "Samford Celebrity."

For St. Paddy's Day we went to Savannah to see Young Harris friends and our friend Jenny and her boo Ben. Savannah has the second largest St. Patrick's Day celebration in the country. All day people tailgate, watch the parade and celebrate after. On Friday night we stayed up until 3 am and got up at 5am. It was exhausting! Both trips were great, but three in one month is a lot! Looking forward to just one trip a month for a while.
Matt's friend got in a dance off on River Street:
 We danced with guys in onesies:
 Me and Jenny:

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