27...and life updates

Yesterday I turned 27. I'm a little sad because 27 seems so much closer to 30 than 26 does. It makes me feel like I need to have my life together...which I don't. But who does really?

Matt took me to dinner last night at our friend's new restaurant on the square. And tonight, my family is going to 3 Amigos Mexican to celebrate me and and Myer, my birthday twin.

It's time for a little life update. January was a weird month. Matt and I have been looking at houses in Marietta and hoping to buy one this year sometime. We pretty much know what we want, although we disagree about some details. We found our dream home in a great location. It was the first house we both loved, and we knew we needed to move fast. Within two days of the house going on the market, there were three offers, all above asking price (The house was very underpriced due to its ownership by a relocation company). Take a look at the walk in closet at the end of the post!

We found out we weren't the highest offer on a Sunday night. That Wednesday night, I got laid off my job at the marketing agency. It was for the best, I was very unhappy working there. But still, it's not the best feeling in the world, even if there was nothing I could have done differently. Then, that Saturday night, I was pickpocketed at the Marietta square, while walking out of a restaurant holding my friend's baby. I lost about $450. It definitely sucked because I hate getting taken advantage of, but I'm glad that he didn't use a weapon and that everyone was ok.

It's been nice having a little time off. I am probably going to start taking care of my dad full time in March. I'm enrolled in my first online graphic design class at Kennesaw State right now, so we'll see if that leads anywhere.

Here's to hoping for a less dramatic February! Onward and upward~


Sara Pyles said...

Love your honesty with your struggles. Love you (and love that walk in closet!!!)!

Kathleen said...

better things are around the corner!

Brittany said...

I hope February is better for you! Just think, a bigger and better walk in closet might be right around the corner.. :)