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Today I am flying to L.A. to see my buddy Anna! I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. I can't wait to see her and travel to different beaches. Like the last time I visited her out there, I will be by myself on Friday because she is working. Then on Saturday we are going to visit her aunt and uncle in Palm Springs. This weather has been horrible in ATL lately so bring on the sunshine! 


favorite oscar dresses

Kerry Washington:

Amanda Seyfried:
 Jennifer Lawrence:
Jessica Chastain:
Anne Hathaway:
Naomi Watts:
Sandra Bullock:
Reece Witherspoon:
Catherine Zeta Jones:
 Lily Collins:
Jennifer Gardner:

Olivia Munn:


did muck save maggots

MOM: Why are you off facebook? 
ME: Time suck 
MOM: Right about that. I creep so hard. 

MOM: Who’s that one girl in Les Mis? 
ME: Which one? 
MOM: The one whose chest can always tell when it’s raining? 

MOM: Doing taxes 
ME: fun fun 
MOM: Just picked up the calculator to try to text you. 

MOM: How can I watch Twitter? 

MOM: Who is Frank Oceans and why is he singing about Forrest Gump?? 
MOM: Does he know life is like a box of chocolates???


hello giggles

I am so happy that my blog post was picked to be published on Zooey Deschanel's website Hello Giggles! I love that site so much, they have great articles. When I told Matt about it, he said, "So will you get to meet Zooey?" I think he might be overestimating what this  means by just a hair! :-)

Anyway, click here to see it!