one direction

MOM: If there are 5 of them how are they all going one direction? Or are they together all the time? That’s kind of obsessive, don’t you think?
ME: I think you’re thinking about this too much.

ME: The apartment I just saw was a no… the search continues
MOM: The right one is out there somewhere! hashtag move home.

ME: I had to crop me out of that photo because I had multiple chins haha x
MOM: I thought so too, but didn’t want to mention it lol xxx

MOM: I simply hate when I’m wearing my apple bottom jeans, and I can’t find my boots with the furr. ME: Oh jeez.

ME: Hey dad, can you pick me up in 10 minutes?
DAD: Sure will text when outside
ME: Ok Ten Minutes Later
DAD: I’m heterosexual.
DAD: Heterosexual
DAD: Heterosexual
DAD: Here
ME: Omigod Dad!!! XD
DAD: I can hear you laughing through the window, you left it open.

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