in defense of mom jeans

No I'm not a mom. But yes, I absolutely love my mom jeans. When I gained a teensby bit (10 lbs) of weight after the wedding, I had to get larger sizes in all my pants, especially my jeans, which were on the verge of being too tight away.

Before I upped my size, I had the ultra-trendy low-rise jeans. They were terrible. Not only did I have to constantly be paranoid about showing off my "goods" plumber style (just to clarify, this is sarcasm. My butt cheeks are not my goods...those are my calves :-). You can't just bend over to pick up something in those jeans. You have to do the awkward side-squat thing that is certain to draw as much attention as your plumber crack.

Another thing that sucked was where the jeans rested when you were sitting. I have a desk job where I am sitting for about eight hours a day. My old jeans would literally make indentions in my skin because they were so tight. The afternoon was the worst, because your stomach would be full. I would have to unbutton my pants, and dare I say my zipper too, under my desk. Don't worry, I always made sure my shirt was covering the zipper.

But now...now it's great. Although close friends and my husband laugh when I lift my shirt to show them exactly how high (hint: think bra wire) my mom jeans go, I have never felt more comfortable. I can eat all the gluten I want and my pants don't torture me like they used to.

Bottom line: you don't have to have kids to enjoy the comfort of the demin covered sweatpants known as mom jeans.

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Brittany said...

I wholeheartedly agree. Love mom jeans, and make no apologies for it! They are so comfy!

PS, are you as excited as I am for PLL to return??