MOM: ok tried taking pics of the cats but they were hissing at me 
ME: Huh?? What cats?? 

MOM: I grew you in my stomach for nine months and then heaved you out! It was gruesome. And this is show you repay me. 
ME: Mom, what did I do?!
MOM: You know what your offense is. 
ME: No seriously what? 
MOM: I can’t even talk to you right now. 
ME: Mom? What?! 
MOM: You ate the last brownie when I had clearly marked it as mine. You know how much it meant to me. 

DAD: Your aunt sent me a Christmas card in case you’re interested. 
DAD: You know…your moms sister, Sherry. 
DAD: She hasn’t prettied up any either. ME: She sent a picture? 
DAD: Two 

ME: What are y’all doing tonight? 
MOM: Dad has a dinner I will rock out at barnes and noble I think 

ME: Can butter be substitued with stick margarine when making banana bread?? I got the wrong kind. MOM: Probably? I would go for it! YOLO!!!


why liberalism will ultimately fail

I read a really interesting article today and I think you should read it too! Click here to see it.


carried away

I love love love this song. Matt and I went to see them in concert and really enjoyed it. The only bad thing was, well, the "smoke" around us the whole time.


how i felt today

Music Monday on Tuesday! Do you ever feel like there are days (and weeks) you can't get anything right? That was me today. Looking forward to tomorrow. Onward and upward!


werewolf bar mitzvah

Last Saturday we had a Halloween party, the Anderson's Annual Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. If you are unfamiliar with what this means, click here. It's something we want to have every year, and hopefully it will get bigger and better every year. We had a good turnout and some awesome costumes. Thanks to everyone who came!
Myer was a conductor!
Matt's brain jello shots
 Yes, we are still in college.
 A flapper and a zombie Oktoberfest man (he died on our wedding day)
 Mitt and Ann Romney