weekend update

The updated on my stomach issues is that there is no update. I have to get my blood drawn Tuesday. They did tell me that I have an unrelated heart murmur, but it's not a big deal apparently.

This weekend we are having a middle schooler from our church youth group stay with us. Matt took him up to the barn in Helen to do "guy stuff" like shoot guns and fish. So it's just been me and Maebe today hanging out and cleaning for our dinner party tomorrow. I took her to the dog park and she was attacked by another dog. I'm hoping it won't scar her or make her hate going..it was only her second day allowed at the park! 

Here is a picture of her at the park yesterday. Hiding under the table. :-/
I have a big day tomorrow! Church, tennis, small group and then hosting a 10 person dinner party. Should be fun!

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