funny fridays..on saturday

ME: Brian Wilson got kicked out of the Beach Boys?! 
DAD: BW is a musical genius and the Beach Boys would be pounding sand without him. 

MOM: Dad is eating cheerios from publix. He keeps calling them pube-os. 
MOM: Thinking of you…..watching Jumanji. 

ME: i tried taking the dog out but he wouldn’t pee 
MOM: You have to squeeze his head and then he’ll pee. hahaha. xoxoxo. 

ME: How’s jury duty? Will you be kept in a secure location during the trial? 
MOM: Yes, I should emerge in the spring when the snow melts. Jury selection is exactly like a reaping. Including having a video about our great justice system. It gave me the creeps. The only thing they didn’t do is draw blood. 
ME: Hahaha MOM: And nobody volunteered to take my place! I’m the Katniss of the courtroom. 
ME: Do you have a bow and arrow? 
MOM: No. I have a pad & pen. Be warned. And afraid. 

MOM: When you get a chance call me. I need to ask you something about Buddhism. I am going out with a man who is a Buddhist and is going to Loseling Monastery to attend classes next year. Is that like atheism? Namaste. Mom

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