branching out on hair styles

I am in need of a haircut--my yearly haircut I usually get in September. Yes, you read that correctly, I get my hair cut usually once a year.

This is the style I am wanting. But of course, when you have thin hair like me, you can't really just pick any style you want. Unless you want to wake up to spend an hour on just styling your hair. Ugh. No thanks.

I'm going to give the hairdresser these styles, and see what she recommends:
In actuality, it might look more like this:
I'm always so boring with my hair. I usually get it straight across. No bangs, no layers. One time I "got crazy" and got what I think they called an "angled bob" which really was just the back was about half an inch shorter than the front. 

Wish me luck!

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