funny fridays..on saturday

ME: Brian Wilson got kicked out of the Beach Boys?! 
DAD: BW is a musical genius and the Beach Boys would be pounding sand without him. 

MOM: Dad is eating cheerios from publix. He keeps calling them pube-os. 
MOM: Thinking of you…..watching Jumanji. 

ME: i tried taking the dog out but he wouldn’t pee 
MOM: You have to squeeze his head and then he’ll pee. hahaha. xoxoxo. 

ME: How’s jury duty? Will you be kept in a secure location during the trial? 
MOM: Yes, I should emerge in the spring when the snow melts. Jury selection is exactly like a reaping. Including having a video about our great justice system. It gave me the creeps. The only thing they didn’t do is draw blood. 
ME: Hahaha MOM: And nobody volunteered to take my place! I’m the Katniss of the courtroom. 
ME: Do you have a bow and arrow? 
MOM: No. I have a pad & pen. Be warned. And afraid. 

MOM: When you get a chance call me. I need to ask you something about Buddhism. I am going out with a man who is a Buddhist and is going to Loseling Monastery to attend classes next year. Is that like atheism? Namaste. Mom


lowest possible level

I recently joined a tennis team, a low level ALTA one. It has been so much fun to play with so many of my friends! Check out my new kicks I got. They are pretty horrendous, but maybe my feet won't be sore anymore after my matches.


hair go bye bye

So I may have chopped eight inches off my hair! I was so sick of my hair being long that I knew I wanted a lot off. But I also knew it would be hard to sit and watch. So I grabbed a Marie Claire and read it in my lap and didn't look up until she was done. I think I will do that every time now.


throwing up sucks

I took the afternoon off work today because I was feeling terrible. I accidentally took a Centrum multi-vitamin without eating anything. Then proceeded to throw up and have other stomach issues. 

Never again!

If you're wondering why I have a picture of the Silver vitamins, yes, I bought the kind for women over 50.


a team

You know you like a song when you have Shazammed it three times. Watch this video--it has such a deeper meaning than just listening to the song on the radio.


branching out on hair styles

I am in need of a haircut--my yearly haircut I usually get in September. Yes, you read that correctly, I get my hair cut usually once a year.

This is the style I am wanting. But of course, when you have thin hair like me, you can't really just pick any style you want. Unless you want to wake up to spend an hour on just styling your hair. Ugh. No thanks.

I'm going to give the hairdresser these styles, and see what she recommends:
In actuality, it might look more like this:
I'm always so boring with my hair. I usually get it straight across. No bangs, no layers. One time I "got crazy" and got what I think they called an "angled bob" which really was just the back was about half an inch shorter than the front. 

Wish me luck!


in need of a creative awakening

Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while, because I've been pretty busy with my new job! I really like it; the people are great, and I'm doing things I like. I've been able to write, edit, do marketing and even some design. It's been good to re-learn the graphic design programs that I haven't touched in a while.

As far as marketing goes, I have been pretty rusty on the creative end. I haven't had to use the right part of my brain in a long time, so it's honestly been an adjustment in that sense.

I think I need some kind of spiritual creative awakening. Does anyone else work in a creative field? Do you have any tips for how to start thinking outside of the box. It's sad that I can't even think of another phrase besides "outside of the box." Ugh!


ash's bach wknd and off again to the beach

Well, I'm off to Gulf Shores again! Ashley's bachelorette weekend was so much fun! If you've never been to the heaven on earth known as Florabama, you are missing out. Just to give you an image of how the night went, part of my time was spent running away from a guy with a straw blowing on my neck and repeating "Dont worry, I don't have AIDS." So yea, Ashley had a memorable night.

We are going this weekend with Matt's friends (mine too!) and their wives and coincidentally staying at the same condo building, The Turquoise. Two beach trips back to back, can't beat it!