it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday


MOM: I bought cottage cheese today and thought of u. :) 

ME: Will you build me a treehouse? 
DAD: Will you move out of my house when it’s done? 

DAD: Went 2 Sonic. It was happy hour so everything was half price. Got a cherry lime chiller. Thought of u ME: I’ve never even been to Sonic 
DAD: Still thought of u. 

MOM: Are u bored? Got story for u. Took clothes to Platos closet. Gonna b 45inute wait. Looking around got tickle in my throat. Coughing so bad. Got my purse hooked on hanger trying to run out of store. Tears running down my face. Pt.1 
MOM: Got out of store. Everyone staring. Your sister is like she doesn’t know me. Got to car. Coughing so hard I threw up in parking lot. Had to move car. Can’t go back in store.30 more minutes to wait. Car is hot. Bummer. 

DAD: “Na na na na na na That’s what makes you beautiful!” 
DAD: Good song 

ME: brandon and I are going to his sister’s quinceañera tomorrow night!
MOM: what, are they jewish?

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