turning a new leaf with a new job

So the big news in my life is that I got a new job! I'm very excited about the opportunity to work with Mopdog, a design and branding company. Starting Tuesday, I will be a Marketing Communications Coordinator, working with different accounts on marketing/pr strategies, social media, writing/editing and a touch of design.

Mopdog is a small company with fourteen people in Kennesaw. They work with all different kinds of companies handling their advertising.

I've talked with some of you about going back to school for graphic design. My plan was all depending on if I got a job in my field by January. If I didn't get one, I was considering going to SCAD for a certificate. However, since I did get one, I will most likely get a certificate by taking night classes from Kennesaw State, or a school of the like. Hopefully I will learn about it being around the great designers at Mopdog.

I've been wanting to get back into my field, so I'm really happy that God has provided me this chance. As much as I will miss the people at Motion Reality, I have to remember that change is good.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. ~ Jeremiah 29:11


last day of work

So big news...I got a new job! I'm really excited about the opportunity and I will explain more in tomorrow's post.

I have loved working for Motion Reality for the past year and a half. They have been very good to me, and I will miss the awesome people I got to see everyday.

Some of the employees went to Tilted Kilt (the company has 37 guys and 3 girls)  as a celebration. 


rain rain go away

It's been gross all day here. But, there are several things that I am loooking forward to!

1. I get to babysit this guy tonight:
2. I get to watch the season finale of this tonight. (And find out who killed Maya!!)
3. I get to go here this weekend and see old buddies as we celebrate my friend Ashley's bachelorette weekend! (Isaac please leave us alone!)


tracks of my tears

I love oldies. And I love the Big Chill Soundtrack. If you have never heard it, you need to get it. Think of it as the Garden State soundtrack of the 80s, with songs from the 60/70s.


lost in the forest


MOM: on way hm got lost in forest 

ME: Yo I am watching Mulan I forgot how gangsta this movie is!!
DAD: So true 
ME: The emperor is like an Asian yoda 
DAD: Or is yoda an Asian emperor? Ponder that. 

DAD: Do you like Hall and Oates? 
DAD: Important! Need your response immediately! 

DAD: How do I paper clip something to an email?


mind blown

This summer has been fully packed with activities. Matt and I have had so much going on, I can't imagine what it would be like with kids! I was getting frustrated because before this summer, I had been on a pretty regimented workout routine. When my workouts started getting trumped by my social activities/family/church  obligations, I started to get frustrated. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

I started ditching my boring, solo workouts (running, lifting weights, other exercises) in my family room) and began to workout with my friends. Social time + workout time combined = Mind Blown!

I walk up/run down Kennesaw Mountain 2-3 mornings a week (hard to get up early but it leaves room for activities after work) with a friend from church, play tennis with some girls on my ALTA team once a week, and do Zumba with some of Matt's friend's wives (also my friends :-) once a week. Tennis season will be from Sept. to Oct. and several of my friends are playing.

Now I don't dread working out, because I am with my friends. And now I get to see more friends, more often. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this earlier. 

Plus there's always the science behind it for more proof that this is better.

I'm looking for one more workout to do once a week with a friend. Any takers?


house that built me

I love this song by Miranda Lambert. My dad told me that originally it was written for Blake Shelton to sing, but he thought it fit Miranda better, so he gave it to her. It sometimes makes me cry, because I think about memories from my childhood home and how much I miss it.


it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday


MOM: I bought cottage cheese today and thought of u. :) 

ME: Will you build me a treehouse? 
DAD: Will you move out of my house when it’s done? 

DAD: Went 2 Sonic. It was happy hour so everything was half price. Got a cherry lime chiller. Thought of u ME: I’ve never even been to Sonic 
DAD: Still thought of u. 

MOM: Are u bored? Got story for u. Took clothes to Platos closet. Gonna b 45inute wait. Looking around got tickle in my throat. Coughing so bad. Got my purse hooked on hanger trying to run out of store. Tears running down my face. Pt.1 
MOM: Got out of store. Everyone staring. Your sister is like she doesn’t know me. Got to car. Coughing so hard I threw up in parking lot. Had to move car. Can’t go back in store.30 more minutes to wait. Car is hot. Bummer. 

DAD: “Na na na na na na That’s what makes you beautiful!” 
DAD: Good song 

ME: brandon and I are going to his sister’s quinceaƱera tomorrow night!
MOM: what, are they jewish?


we got a dog...maebe

On Friday after work, Matt found a little puppy on a major highway in Marietta. He brought her home, and she has been so much fun! She is eight weeks old, and probably a German shepherd/Beagle mix. She was very malnourished and had fleas, mites and worms.

These two pictures are from the first night. She literally didn't move because she was so weak and probably scared.
She has a lot more energy now, and is starting to chew on things. :-(
Sh hasn't had an accident in the house yet (fingers crossed) so hopefully crate training to working for her!

We argued back and forth about a name and finally decided on Maebe (said like Maybe). This is for a few reasons:
  • We love the show Arrested Development and Maeby's character.
  • When people asked if we were going to keep her, we would say "maybe."
  • My friend pointed out about Call Me Maybe being so popular right now (can't believe I didn't think of that).
We had been wanting a dog (more me than Matt) but thought we would wait until we had a house and didn't travel as much. But God's timing is better than ours, and after my little breakdown Thursday night (I looked online for about an hour at petfinder.com and then showed Matt pictures of my favorites, asking him if we could get one sooner), I think we should probably keep her. So unless she turns into a terror of a dog in the next month, we have a new addition to our fam!

So, fellow bloggers, do you have any tips for me on training a new puppy?



I don't really get into American Idol much, but I just love Phillip Phillips song! He sounds so much like Mumford and Sons and it's nice to see someone not so "poppy" win. Also, shout out to my friend Laura who is going to the Idol concert to see him!


funny fridays-8.10


ME: Finally found out what that weird tape is that everyone wears in the Olympics! It’s called physio tape, it helps with circulation.
DAD: Sounds like voodoo to me.

MOM: I got a new phone.
ME: cool. Did you end up getting the iPhone?
MOM: no. I got 1 like you have.
ME: I have an iPhone.
MOM: no, I got the one with the apple on the back.

ME: are you watching the olympics?
MOM: yes, the swimmers are very talented
MOM: and very good looking (4 hours later)
MOM: just so we are clear i am very satisfied with Olympic swimmers overall

MOM: you know what, I’m just gonna go to the same movie as you guys. I won’t look for you. Are you okay with that?
ME: this is going to be awkward
MOM: I’m wearing my cloak of invisibility…you’ll never see me
ME: mom that’s so creepy
MOM: is very Harry potter

ME: I hate my job. I can’t even look at kids anymore.
MOM: That’s okay, my first year of teaching was so horrible I’d come home and chain smoke through Mr. Rogers

MOM: Lord help me. Sad is wearing his gray short shorts in public.
MOM: Dad is wearing…
MOM: And it’s sad
MOM: And he keeps flashing me when he puts his foot up on the park bench and the shorts go up even higher