funny fridays

From whenparentstext.com:
ME: Mom, I think you need some new glasses. Your eyes are getting worse. Let’s have an eye exam. How many fingers am I holding up? 
MOM: Brown 

MOM: We need to talk about a few things, like what you are going to do for a job after next week, and if you have heard from the girl scouts and if you want to get a pedicure before the wedding and where Dana found your kitchen aid mixer and a few other things! 

MOM: Text me when u can and let me know how its going :) 
ME: Met a cute guy but he’s in a different group then me :/ 
MOM: U to him “heres my number so call me maybe” 

DAD: How do I access my recent search history? 
ME: It depends on what browser you use, but in general there should be some kind of history button in the toolbar. 
DAD: I dont know what a browser or a toolbaris.

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