i could've gone to the Olympics...

Not Really. 

Last night Matt and I watched the Women's Gymnastics Team (we recorded it from Sunday night). The girls were so amazing! It reminded me of my gymnastics days...except for the fact that the only thing I could do was tumble. For one, I never mastered the "kip" on the uneven bars and wasn't very good at getting to the high bar without doing one leg at a time. I hardly ever stayed on the balance beam after a cartwheel, and sometimes even one full turn. On the vault my legs were bent the whole time. But at least I had my tumbling...even though my legs probably weren't straight either. My sisters and I all did gymnastics for several years and it was a big part of our life. We performed competitively with Cobb Challengers and then for our elementary school as well. My dad even set up a balance beam in our back yard, and we had a perfectly placed tree branch that served as our bar for practicing. 

When I watch those young girls on TV, it brings back memories of fun times with my sisters and friends. Of setting up the mat in the backyard and learning new flips. I remember my sisters helping me for hours trying to learn moves on the bar and beam. I remember the first time I got my back handspring (first grade) and my back flip (5th grade). 

However, I'm also glad that gymnastics wasn't my whole life. I did other sports and hobbies all the time. It kinda makes me sad for some girls that so much of their life is spent in the gym. Maybe being in the Olympics makes all that sacrifice worth it.

School gymnastics team, 2nd grade. Gotta love the spandex shorts under the leotard.
Me and Colleen posing before one of her meets:
Gabby Douglas gets so high on the bars!
 McKayle Maroney does on the vault too:
I thought it was pretty cool these two grew up at the same gym and then ended up in the Olympics together:


funny fridays

From whenparentstext.com:
ME: Mom, I think you need some new glasses. Your eyes are getting worse. Let’s have an eye exam. How many fingers am I holding up? 
MOM: Brown 

MOM: We need to talk about a few things, like what you are going to do for a job after next week, and if you have heard from the girl scouts and if you want to get a pedicure before the wedding and where Dana found your kitchen aid mixer and a few other things! 

MOM: Text me when u can and let me know how its going :) 
ME: Met a cute guy but he’s in a different group then me :/ 
MOM: U to him “heres my number so call me maybe” 

DAD: How do I access my recent search history? 
ME: It depends on what browser you use, but in general there should be some kind of history button in the toolbar. 
DAD: I dont know what a browser or a toolbaris.



Yah for $3 Zumba tonight!
Has anyone here done Zumba? What do you think of it?


90s throwback

Ok so I know this song is super old, but I heard it the other day and decided to buy it from iTunes. Just listen to it and jam out--it will make you in a good mood I promise.



From whenparentstext.com:
MOM: Don’t forget to do your tongue exercises. Back…forward…back…repeat. We don’t want your lisp to relapse. Also clean bathroom 

DAD: Seriously though the dog’s missing 

MOM: Tell victoria I need my dancing lessons for the wedding 
ME: Already did 
MOM: Cool tell her i’m serious 
ME: K 
ME: What type of dancing 
MOM: To songs i need some moves like the doogie And the kind of stuff they show the football players. I don’t want to look old and out of touch. 
ME: Dougie 
MOM: oh see i’m old 

DAD: You got a bag of chips from Forever 21 in the mail. 

MOM: For your apartment- do you want a loft bed w slide? I think itd be fun

Off to Helen for the weekend! Have a good one!


story of my life

Does anyone else have a sleeping problem? Mine is not every night, so it's not plain old insomnia. I tend to take a long time falling asleep (about one hour), and then sometimes I will wake up at about 4am and can't fall back sleep. Right now I take about one Tylenol PM but I am trying to ween myself off. I have heard good things about Melatonin. 

Does anyone else have sleep issues? Do you take Benadryl substances like Tylenol PM? Prescription drugs? Or more natural things? What has worked for you?



Doing: everything! Our calendar has been packed since May.
Eating: For Breakfast: cereal, For Snack: Cheeze-Its, For lunch: Chick Fil A and Subway, For Dinner: whatever is in the house..or Marietta Pizza Company
Drinking: tons of water! And because of that, I'm having to pee all the time.
Reading: The Gift of Fear, The Most Important Year in a Woman's Life, and tons of design books
Watching: The Bachelorette and Pretty Little Liars. Oh, and Burning Love!
Looking forward to: the day when there is nothing on the calendar..also a SCAD Preview Day Thursday to ask about getting a graphic design certificate

Feeling: overwhelmed, frustrated and anxious...but holding onto this.
Needing: a beach trip alone!
Enjoying: my church



This past weekend Matt and I went to visit friends in Nashville. The couple that set us up (Kelly and Misty Davis) are living up there for a year, and my college friend Lauren and her husband Will live up there too. It was great to see them. It rained almost all day on Saturday, so the girls ended up at the Opryland Mall, which has some outlet stores. We don't have any outlets in Atlanta (that I know of), so it was a treat seeing my favorite stores with such low prices.

I got this for Matt:
 And these for me:
Hipsters for the night. Lauren pulls these off better than I do.
 Me and Misty at the Neon Trees concert at the Cannery Ballroom:
 We can't wait to go back...


honky tonk weekend

DAD: I just got a twitter. #twitter.
ME: Thats great dad! How many followers do you have?
DAD: People follow me? #COOL
ME: Yeah…. You don’t need to use a hashtag on everysentence.
DAD: What’s that? #mydaughterconfusesme
ME: This thing: #
DAD: But I’m tweeting! #twitter
ME: No we’re texting…

DAD: Mom bought an outfit in a “Big Ladies” store, and they are having a going out of business sale.
DAD: Does that mean there are fewer big ladies, or does it mean they have less money to spend, or does it mean they have just given up on buying clothes? 

MOM: What do u want for lunch? 
ME: whatevers fine 
MOM: Want mexican thing you ate b4? 
ME: what? 
MOM: kay suh di ya 
ME: ….quesadilla??? 
MOM: Yes. 

ME: Magic Mike wasn’t very good. 
MOM: That’s not possible! 

ME: Hi mom! This is called a text message! To respond, press the number with the desired letter on it until it shows the letter on screen :) (one day later) 
MOM (VIA EMAIL): You don’t even want to know how many days it took me to figure out how to unlock the screen. 

ME: What day of the week was I born on? 
MOM: I thought sat or sun I will check. I was there but wasnt really thinkin bout the day it was
Have a great weekend! We're off to Nashville!


home wish list

I hate how expensive Pottery Barn is...good thing I had an excuse since I had a gift card! Got two of these cute hand towels today:
Here are some of my other favorite Pottery Barn on my wish list. Some of these won't happen in a million years, but it doesn't hurt to think about it.