weekend in Helen

This past weekend Matt and I went up the North Ga. mountains to see his parents, sister and her three daughters. We got to tube down the river and ride four wheelers. It was so good to see his parents and spend quality time with my nieces.

I also went to a "Wrap" party that my aunt had. It's a new weight loss technique where you put this ointment on and put Saran wrap around your body in order to lose inches off your waistline, thighs, etc. And yes, it was as creepy as it sounds. I did it on my love handles, and I lost one inch on my stomach and gained one inch of my hips. So am I a believer? Nope. 

Before I got "wrapped" I was talking in a room with my 10 year old niece and her friend, saying I was nervous about it because it sounded weird. Then my niece's friend starts going off about these wraps, saying that "it's not a water loss wrap" and that "non-believers always change their mind about it." I then realized when she stood up and had the company logo on her t-shirt that she was the daughter of the people there to sell us the product! I tried to back track and just say I hadn't done anything like this. I asked if she had done it and she said yes on her stomach. I said "You don't need to do it!" She proceeded to grab the excess skin on her stomach and say  "Yes I do! Look at this jiggly stomach." A 10 year old! Made me sad for kids these days. To top it off, her shirt said "Get Your Sexy Back."

The next day, we took the girls to this bridge over the river. After much coaxing from Matt and my nieces, I got over my fear and jumped off into the freezing water. I felt quite proud of myself.

On the way back, Matt and I went to Carroll Street Cafe for our first date and engagement anniversary. That place was the perfect first date spot for that blind date we had three years ago!
Me and Matt with the girls Abby (10) and Mary Grace (12) before we went tubing:
Lauren (4) and Mary Grace
 The field where we got married:
The ad for It Works! body wraps:
(No, I didn't buy anything)
 At Carroll Street Cafe:

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