longest friday ever

From whenparentstext.com:

DAD: There’s a chipmunk in the dining room. I’ve opened the front door and closed the others.
DAD: He’s cute.

MOM: OMG LOL i found yr old library card it was in the box by yr bed LOL LOL
ME: Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card
MOM: i overloled… WTF was i thinking?

MOM: Just so you know I have 6 followers on twitter.
ME: What you have twitter?!
MOM: Of course
ME: What? Since when?
MOM: I wanted to see what twitter was so I signed up and followed some of the housewives, but I don’t even understand what they are saying. Now I have 6 followers. I will never write anything.

MOM: please stop changing the google logo so much
MOM: i like the original one
ME: Mom I don’t change the logo. Google changes it.
MOM: on my computer
MOM: You don’t run the google?

MOM: Is giggle,lol, or hahaha the coolest to text?
MOM: Take the pic of u eating a banana off of Facebook
MOM: gives people wrong thoughts
ME: ok. I’m just eating a banana
MOM: is it off? People think and assume. Loss of innocence

MOM: Taoocm
ME: What?
MOM: They Are Out Of Coconut Milk

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