i could carry groceries with my eye bags

Today I'm feeling sad. I had a rough night last night for several reasons. Basically it's one of those days where you have bags under your eyes from crying so hard the night before.

I will only go into one of the reasons I am having a hard day. About a month ago I found out my mom has Stage I breast cancer. Docs were able to get rid of it with a lumpectomy, so we thought we were in the clear. But at her appointment yesterday, they told her there is a 5-10% chance it will come back without chemo. With chemo, there is no chance of it coming back. So in a couple weeks, she will be doing chemo treatments for 18 weeks as a preventative measure. It will be a long road until November, but I know God is right with us during all this. Prayers would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance :-).
My awesome mom:

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