funny fridays and i can't believe it's june!

MOM: saw a gaggle of turkeys thought of you <3 

MOM: Im making thee worst farts. if i had a dog it wld be plausible to blame the farts o n him. 

MOM: We could go to the pool and sunbathe, maybe we should get penis too. 
ME: HAHAHA penis? 
MOM: OMG it changed pedicures to PENIS! That is scary! 

MOM: Girls, I was watching The Doctors today and I just wanted to tell you to NEVER, NEVER, EVER sleep in a thong. 

MOM: They were gonna throw out a ton of girls puberty packets so i tore them open and swiped all the pads and panty liners. I have hit rock bottom. LOL 

MOM: HAhahahahahaha! sleigh bells ring..are u listening…in the lane snow is…argh!! just got splashed by the pool!! 
ME: What are you doing? 
MOM: ::–)) that’s a drunk smiley face… 

MOM: Was simbas mate nala? 

DAD: Mom here my first text ever no longer a text virgin 
ME: Wooooow. How does it feel? Do you feel different? 
DAD: I am glad i waited for the right person to have text with 

DAD: pitboss on today show 
ME: Oh, Pitbull? 
DAD: he deserves a higher title like boss 
DAD: who sings the ‘everbodys in the house this evening’ song 
ME: I think you mean Party Rock. It’s by LMFAO. 
DAD: let down. i was hoping it was pitboss.


Andrea D said...

I died reading those text messages. Your parents are HILARIOUS.

Laura Rafferty said...

Bahahaha this whole post made me crack up!! :D