funniest baby pic ever


DAD: What scavenger hunt team are you on? 
ME: Hufflepuff. 
DAD: Is that a cereal? 

MOM: Is everyone there in one piece? (30 minutes later) 
MOM: Confession, I killed a squirrel yesterday. I can hardly live with the guilt. 

ME: Where are you? 
MOM: Marriage counselor! It’s like a date, only less fun. :-) 

ME: Someone at my internship brought an edible arrangement and it is AWESOME. Just sayin’. 
MOM: They must love you more than I do. 

DAD: hide yo kids hide yo wife party rock is in the house tonight, love dad 

DAD: URGENT!! Come to the porch now 
ME: No dad, I’m busy. Why? 
DAD: There are two fruitflies making out on my ankle!! 

ME: Happy Fathers’ Day, love ya!! 
DAD: Just let me play internet chess in peace. Don’t text back.
 My fav:

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