at times I was funny...

I love looking back at old g chat conversations with friends from 2009 and laughing at how ridiculous I was am.

me: my friends say my best quality (besides my calves) is that im inclusive
4:00 PM Friend: what do you do with your calves to use them?
4:01 PM me: ?
 Friend: as your best quality you must "use" them....
4:03 PM       me: well i want to join a coed soccer team
4:04 PM Friend: gooooood
4:05 PM me: ha
  when im standing at a bar, i just raise my heels up and down until a guy notices and buys me a drink
  works about 95% of the time
4:06 PM Friend: WOW
 me: i know
  they call me the calf siren
 Friend: just the mental image is exciting
4:07 PM me: i know

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