when padres text

Off to Miami with Matt...everyone have a great weekend and stay cool! 

MOM: You and 50 cents have the same birthday! 
DAD: I see that you are in Ravenclaw house. And you didn’t tell me? I can’t believe my own daughter wouldn’t tell me that she’s a witch and not a muggle. That makes me so mad. Have you gotten your wand yet? I bet you have. This just goes to show what trust will do. 
ME: ….What are you even talking about? 
DAD: I’ve been stalking you on facebook for the past 45 minutes. 

MOM: So we have no water til 6 a.m. Dad is in a panic about the toilet, so he dumped a bunch of ice in and dubbed it “the ice crapper.” 

DAD: Why don’t you come over for supper tonight? Bring your dog. Both mom and me will hug you till the cows come home. 
ME: Oh sorry Daddy I fell asleep! 
DAD: No problem. Just thinking about all the hugs I could have given you.


what is your routine?

Due to extreme business this spring/summer (seriously I will show you my Google calendar for proof), I have not worked out in five weeks. It's...been...awesome! I do plan on starting back up soon though. I heard about this four minute workout called Tabata that is supposed to be the same cardio as running for 30 minutes. Sounds a little sketch, but I am def. willing to try it if it means shorter workouts. 

Has anyone here tried something like this? What does your workout consist of? Do you belong to a gym, or do you watch DVDs like P90X or Insanty? Or do you make up your own stuff?


at times I was funny...

I love looking back at old g chat conversations with friends from 2009 and laughing at how ridiculous I was am.

me: my friends say my best quality (besides my calves) is that im inclusive
4:00 PM Friend: what do you do with your calves to use them?
4:01 PM me: ?
 Friend: as your best quality you must "use" them....
4:03 PM       me: well i want to join a coed soccer team
4:04 PM Friend: gooooood
4:05 PM me: ha
  when im standing at a bar, i just raise my heels up and down until a guy notices and buys me a drink
  works about 95% of the time
4:06 PM Friend: WOW
 me: i know
  they call me the calf siren
 Friend: just the mental image is exciting
4:07 PM me: i know


i could carry groceries with my eye bags

Today I'm feeling sad. I had a rough night last night for several reasons. Basically it's one of those days where you have bags under your eyes from crying so hard the night before.

I will only go into one of the reasons I am having a hard day. About a month ago I found out my mom has Stage I breast cancer. Docs were able to get rid of it with a lumpectomy, so we thought we were in the clear. But at her appointment yesterday, they told her there is a 5-10% chance it will come back without chemo. With chemo, there is no chance of it coming back. So in a couple weeks, she will be doing chemo treatments for 18 weeks as a preventative measure. It will be a long road until November, but I know God is right with us during all this. Prayers would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance :-).
My awesome mom:


bachelor pad wedding

Heard this song today...sadly it was while watching a video of Holly and Blake from the Bachelor Pad's wedding. :-/ Sweet song though! I might have to steal it for my wedding iMovie I'm making.


funniest baby pic ever


DAD: What scavenger hunt team are you on? 
ME: Hufflepuff. 
DAD: Is that a cereal? 

MOM: Is everyone there in one piece? (30 minutes later) 
MOM: Confession, I killed a squirrel yesterday. I can hardly live with the guilt. 

ME: Where are you? 
MOM: Marriage counselor! It’s like a date, only less fun. :-) 

ME: Someone at my internship brought an edible arrangement and it is AWESOME. Just sayin’. 
MOM: They must love you more than I do. 

DAD: hide yo kids hide yo wife party rock is in the house tonight, love dad 

DAD: URGENT!! Come to the porch now 
ME: No dad, I’m busy. Why? 
DAD: There are two fruitflies making out on my ankle!! 

ME: Happy Fathers’ Day, love ya!! 
DAD: Just let me play internet chess in peace. Don’t text back.
 My fav:


not just for jackets

So who knew that Burlington Coat Factory carried more than coats? Probably everyone except me. I went today and got this cute springy shirt ($12) and a couple Polo-esque shirts for Matt ($10 each). I think I've found my new lunchtime shopping place!


mayan riviera pics

Hola! Matt and I went to Mexico last week with our friends Katie and Grant and Kelly and Drew. We stayed at the all-inclusive Valentin Imperial Maya near Cancun and had a blast! We danced some nights at the resort's plaza to live music and just had fun catching up with each other and meeting the locals. We even allowed ourselves to be cheesy and get some pics with wild animals. Matt and I had a massage on the beach which was the highlight of the week. If y'all have never been to all-inclusive I highly recommend it! It is so relaxing to not have to worry about money the whole vacation.

Katie, me and Kelbel
 Drew and Kelly:
 Katie and Grant:
Swing Bar:
Matt with weird hair:
Don't worry, they told us to pose like this:
And this:
This too:



My camera wasn't charged today, so I will put up Mexico pics tomorrow. Here is one I did on Instagram. I just found out about collages through the app Pic Stitch--pretty neat!


in honor of our trip to mehico

Wanted to post a beachy themed song for today, in honor of our trip to Mexico (pics to come later this week). We actually met the albino reggae artist Yellowman at the airport on our honeymoon. I like the second video better, of Nick from New Girl dancing to it.