shopping is a b (according to Matt)

Welcome to Trendy Tuesday. Last night Matt and I went to the mall. Our goal? To buy Matt a pair of these:

Also shorts and a shirt. Success! (Just for the shoes) Matt hasn't bought much recently. In fact, he has probably bought about five articles of clothing since we met (almost three years ago). He says shopping gives him anxiety. See evidence for this below:

I don't love shopping myself, which is why I go through spurts of it. I spend about $150-200 in one day, wait four months, then spend $150-200 in one day, etc. 

Here are most of the things I bought...minus two shirt and a pair of pants..all for $220 I believe. Not bad!
From H&M:
 This shirt in white:
From Francesca's:
From Gap:

Does anyone know if H&M sizes run small? I shed a little tear in the dressing room...hoping I didn't go up three sizes since the wedding.

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