lake it up

This past weekend my sister and brother in law invited me and Matt to go to Lake Rabun in the North Ga Mtns. We had so much fun! We were the only ones there that didn't have a dog and a child! It was so much fun just hanging out...Matt even said it was the most relaxed day he's had in a while. It was also  bonus that Matt stood up on skis for the first time! He had been telling us that there was no hope because he had been trying for years...then what do ya know he stands up first try! We think he was just bluffing before. We also tubed..which we realized was way more fun in middle school than it is now.

We also stopped my Matt's parents barn and got to hang out with my hilarious niece Lauren. Here are some pics:
All the dogs would fetch a tennis ball in the water and race to get it.
With my nephew Myer

PS. If you read this post, you will be happy to know I knocked two of these things off my list. :-)

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