funny fridays on thursday

I won't be blogging tomorrow bc I am going to the lake (yah!), so here are your Funny Fridays...

From whenparentstext:

MOM: I’m watching Anderson Cooper and the topic is favorite children. Do either of you feel that Dad and I have a favorite child? And if yes, who do you think it is? xxoo 

DAD: A raccoon is eating a dead squirrel on a roof near our house 
ME: Ewww I didn’t want to know that 
DAD: A small crowd has gathered 

ME: …what? 
DAD: uk how when u open a bottle of DC how theres like a WHOOSH and then a SHHH? well itsa fart a coke fart. 
ME: umm noo… 

MOM: The 2 power outlets in front of me look like faces, with very surprised expressions :-O 
MOM: Iam boreeeeed 

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Nicole said...

um. oh.my.gosh. literally HILARIOUS! especially the family tracksuit photo. be still my soul. :)

have fun at the lake!