what's been on my mind

I totally copied this from my blogger friend Annie at Turning Pages, but here goes: 

Listening | A lot of Mat Kearney on Pandora, and the Ingrid Michelson Pandora as well. 
Watching | Pretty Little Liars Season 1, New Girl, SNL, Modern Family, all Thursday night NBC shows (basically too much!) 
Reading | The Boy who Cam Back from Heaven by Kevin Malarkey. An awesome inspirational story about tragedy and miracles. Also celebrity gossip websites when I'm bored (if I'm being honest). 
Eating | Subway and Chick Fil A for lunch...trying to cook more but not having time...so Marietta Pizza Company and La Parilla Mexican for dinner. 
Drinking | Lots of water! I stopped drinking soft drinks bc they were making my stomach hurt.  
Wearing | Spring clothes finally! :-) 
Feeling | Hopeful. I feel like a change is on the way. 
Wanting | A change. More about this later. Also three ten more vacations this year. And an extra hour of the day. 
Needing | See above. 
Thinking | About fun weekends this summer! 
Enjoying | Six months of marital bliss.

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