funny fridays-4.20

DAD: Hey! I hope all of your performances went well and that you knocked Andy’s socks off. But only his socks.

AUNT: What do you call the male “camel toe” again?

MOM: don’t ever buy tropical fruit scented deodorant.
ME: why, does it smell bad?
MOM: no, it smells too good. i find myself sniffing my armpits

ME: Can you email me the Dj’s number?
MOM: I will afer I get home
MOM: Tell her that I will get her the phone number for the DJ after I get home
ME: Who are you talking to?
MOM: I was talking to Siri

MOM: Ok. Time for ice cream. I had some last night. I thought I’d be up all night but I wasn’t? (here comes a smiley – wait a minute…
MOM: I couldn’t find one I liked.

DAD: Explain hipsters.
ME: HAHA basically moms hairdresser
DAD: Rudolfo? Or the chubby lady who feeds the dogs?

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