does small group have to have a purpose

Our small group that meets every Wednesday consists of seven married couples. One has been married 20+ years, then a 10+ year couple, two 4-5 year couples, and three that just got married last year (including us). It's a great mixture, and I love seeing them each week.

We have been watching a video series called Convergence by Donald Miller. In one video, Miller interviews theologian Dr. Dan Allendar, who says that each church small group must have more of a purpose than the "bonding" and "fellowship" aspect. When the video turned off, we are sat there silently and tried to think about what he meant. What could be our other purpose than a social hour, a Biblical or marriage based discussion, and then prayer time? Dr. Allendar suggests that every group (and person) needs to find something they hate, and the hatred of that needs to become their passion. For example, if you hate sexual slavery, then you could create a group that gives support to those coming out of it. It was very interesting to think about, because I had just been thinking of our small group as a way to learn from other married couples on living a Godly marriage.

Is anyone in a small group that has another purpose besides fellowship? I would love to hear about it.


Chris and Abby said...

Thanks for posting! I would be very interested in seeing that video! Our small group volunteers one Friday night every other month for Foster Children. There are a few homes in Fort Walton Beach and the Friday nights that we volunteer all of the homes come together and we feed the kids and workers and play games with them. It's only about 2 hours each time, but the kids love it! (and so do we!!) Miss you, sweet friend!

Rachael L. Anderson said...

Thanks for sharing! That sounds really neat. I will have to tell my group about you guys!