hold on

Matt has been obsessing with this new band called the Alabama Shakes. We listen to them a lot and get really into it. (See Matt singing below)


there's a colonial woman on the wing

ME: Vas up 
DAD: I typed nada and it auto corrected to nasa. But nasa is literally up so I didn’t correct. 

ME: You wouldn’t happen to know where my credit card is would you? DAD: On the computer table
ME: No that’s one of the temporary ones. 
DAD: Then, no. Sorry, maybe if u cleaned your room u could find it ;). I hope that emoticon doesn’t mean penis orvagina. 

ME: What are you and Dad doing this weekend? 
MOM: I am in the shower as i text this i will let you know   

ME: The doctor’s office messed up and sent me a blank sheet of paper. 
DAD: Clean bill of health?

ME: I’ve seen two owls in two days. 
MOM: Where? That is kind of amazing. Dad wants to know if they farted. 

The best for last. Seriously, you will die laughing.


am I unhappy?

Image via underwatertreasures.blogspot.com
I was posed with a question recently...if someone is always wanting to go on vacation, does that mean they are unhappy with something in their life? 

Matt said this to me, as we were arguing about discussing our travel budget. I'm not sure if it is because I feel stuck because I grew up in Marietta and currently live in Marietta? I did live in Birmingham for four years, but alas, the 'ham is not much different from the A. I love living near Atlanta with the majority of my friends, but I do love to travel as well. Even that Facebook meme going around about "How many places have you seen?" is making me depressed. But I also see I'm not the only one this is happening to. 

I would say I'm a pretty happy person, but if I let my mind wonder, so many of the time it starts to think about that next destination. I guess the only way I can explain it is that maybe I am wanting to travel so much and see cool place frequently enough to where my heart doesn't get bitter about always living in the same place. Does this make sense to anyone? Does anyone live in the same town you grew up in? Do you also like to travel a lot?


what's been on my mind

I totally copied this from my blogger friend Annie at Turning Pages, but here goes: 

Listening | A lot of Mat Kearney on Pandora, and the Ingrid Michelson Pandora as well. 
Watching | Pretty Little Liars Season 1, New Girl, SNL, Modern Family, all Thursday night NBC shows (basically too much!) 
Reading | The Boy who Cam Back from Heaven by Kevin Malarkey. An awesome inspirational story about tragedy and miracles. Also celebrity gossip websites when I'm bored (if I'm being honest). 
Eating | Subway and Chick Fil A for lunch...trying to cook more but not having time...so Marietta Pizza Company and La Parilla Mexican for dinner. 
Drinking | Lots of water! I stopped drinking soft drinks bc they were making my stomach hurt.  
Wearing | Spring clothes finally! :-) 
Feeling | Hopeful. I feel like a change is on the way. 
Wanting | A change. More about this later. Also three ten more vacations this year. And an extra hour of the day. 
Needing | See above. 
Thinking | About fun weekends this summer! 
Enjoying | Six months of marital bliss.


to my favorite person

Today is my husband's 30 birthday. I normally keep things pretty light and chill on this blog, but I want to talk about this man for a bit today. I don't know where I would be in my life without him. Would I be alive? Most likely. Would I be happy? Probably. But would I feel like a part of me was perhaps missing? Most definitely. 

I am so lucky to have him in my life. He truly makes me want to be a better person. I don't know how many people have come up to me and told me that he is one of the nicest guys they have met. And believe me, I'm not bragging about myself for scoring a guy like this. In fact, I always tell people right after they tell me this that he is way nicer than me. Because it's true. He is always sacrificing his time and money for other people. Yes, I strive to be a good neighbor and friend, and can be thoughtful at times, but he takes it once step further. He is a big fan of "paying it forward." 

Matt has influenced me in the best way possible. I hope everyone can say that about their partner in life. Thanks Matt, for being who you are. I love you so much. Here's to the next 30 years!


funny fridays-4.20

DAD: Hey! I hope all of your performances went well and that you knocked Andy’s socks off. But only his socks.

AUNT: What do you call the male “camel toe” again?

MOM: don’t ever buy tropical fruit scented deodorant.
ME: why, does it smell bad?
MOM: no, it smells too good. i find myself sniffing my armpits

ME: Can you email me the Dj’s number?
MOM: I will afer I get home
MOM: Tell her that I will get her the phone number for the DJ after I get home
ME: Who are you talking to?
MOM: I was talking to Siri

MOM: Ok. Time for ice cream. I had some last night. I thought I’d be up all night but I wasn’t? (here comes a smiley – wait a minute…
MOM: I couldn’t find one I liked.

DAD: Explain hipsters.
ME: HAHA basically moms hairdresser
DAD: Rudolfo? Or the chubby lady who feeds the dogs?


my best friend's wedding

I'm so excited about this weekend! My best friend Katie is getting married to a wonderful boy named Reece. I have the privilege of being her Matron of Honor, and I'm so grateful. It has been fun to walk through this process (again) with her. Katie and Reece will be living about five minutes from me and Matt, so I'm looking forward to lots of hanging out when wedding planning is over. Congrats Katie!
 Before the O.A.R. concert (that tells you how old this pic is)


does small group have to have a purpose

Our small group that meets every Wednesday consists of seven married couples. One has been married 20+ years, then a 10+ year couple, two 4-5 year couples, and three that just got married last year (including us). It's a great mixture, and I love seeing them each week.

We have been watching a video series called Convergence by Donald Miller. In one video, Miller interviews theologian Dr. Dan Allendar, who says that each church small group must have more of a purpose than the "bonding" and "fellowship" aspect. When the video turned off, we are sat there silently and tried to think about what he meant. What could be our other purpose than a social hour, a Biblical or marriage based discussion, and then prayer time? Dr. Allendar suggests that every group (and person) needs to find something they hate, and the hatred of that needs to become their passion. For example, if you hate sexual slavery, then you could create a group that gives support to those coming out of it. It was very interesting to think about, because I had just been thinking of our small group as a way to learn from other married couples on living a Godly marriage.

Is anyone in a small group that has another purpose besides fellowship? I would love to hear about it.


trendy tuesday-spring jeans

I wish I could justify buying a rainbow selection of colored jeans. I can't decide which ones I like the best, I want them all!


music monday-concert time again!

This might be one of my favorite Zac Brown Band songs. I am going to see them perform in May, and I'm pumped. My dad has been wanting to see them for a while so we are taking him. It's crazy to think that Matt used to go see them perform every week at a small bar in Smyrna, Ga, and now they are selling out arenas!



For Laura...

MOM: If you can’t get a ride you’ll have to play with yourself until I can get you at 4:00.
MOM: Sorry I met play BY yourself.

MOM: I’m leaving for the weekend so I hid $100 in your room for food, clean your room and you will find it.

Talking about Dancing with the Stars:
MOM: Sherri got voted off :’(
MOM: I cried. Pulling myself together.

MOM: I had a dream that dad and I went to visit u and u were in ur dorm room with several other ppl sleeping and drinking and u were lying in the bed next to a drunk guy who peed in the bed while sleeping drunk. Dad and I had to leave and go to a hotel we felt so uncomfortable

ME: I just got me Easter basket in the mail, thanks!
DAD: You’re welcome. But it is too soon. You should get really drunk Saturday night and hide your easter basket then you will be able to have a legit easter basket hunt.