Matt and I started volunteering for our church's youth group (grade 6-12). This is the first ever year of the program, and we started at the second semester, after things with the wedding calmed down.

Right now I work with middle school girls (which happens to be all 6th graders right now), and Matt with middle school boys. They are so much fun. I can't believe where our conversations end up going sometimes. We try  to start off talking about the guest speaker's message, but end up talking about anything under the sun. The randomness cracks me up.

I have realized it's not so much about teaching these girls, but building relationships with them. Not much has changed since middle school. There are still slightly awkward, shy outsiders (like I was), and still popular girls, but these girls get along really well and are sweet to each other, which I find so refreshing.

There are some Sunday nights when I don't want to go to youth. I'm too tired. I don't have the energy. I just want to curl up on the couch and watch TV with Matt. I suck it up and go, and I am always glad I did.

I'm not sure what our life will look like by the time the next school year starts, or if we will be doing youth next year. But I know for now, this is exactly what I need in my life. Those girls make my day.


Chris and Abby said...

I am so proud of you! I know those girls love and respect you more than you know!!

Rachael L. Anderson said...

Thanks Abby! You're so sweet.