when parents text

ME: snooks is preggo
DAD: I know!!!! In so happy for her and Gionni! XD

ME: Davy Jones died.
MOM: Oh no. Monkees were my BSB.

ME: where r u? jana’s water broke.
DAD: i’m getting my umbrella

DAD: Are we bowling? If so, what time?
ME: Up to you!
DAD: Umm… whats the bowling vibe? Positive? Indifferent? Negative? On a scale of 1-5.

DAD: I’m in church praying for you. We can talk later.
ME: Good job emailing in church.
DAD: I’ve watched entire football games in church.

ME: Hey mom, what year is the eclipse?
MOM: No idea! Eclipse? Solar or lunar? I didn’t hear a thing on the news about an eclipse! When did you hear about this?
ME: Mom, you drive an eclipse.

ME: Mom just told me of your PDC
DAD: What?
ME: Public Display of Crying.
DAD: When?
ME: Last week during Glee.
DAD: Ahhh – your mother!!!! What happens on my lazyboy stays on my lazyboy!

Have an awesome weekend y'all!!

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Natalie Webb said...

"Mom you drive an eclipse." These things are hysterical.