MOM: Need some help immediately with twitter. Call if you can or let me know you can’t.
ME: I can’t call, what do you need?
MOM: I don’t know how to do the # thing. I have a tweet deadline and need help ASAP.
ME: I’ll call in ten mins.
MOM: Deadline over. No bother.

MOM: I called the high school you are excused.
MOM: Get up and go to the secretary and tell her you are dick and leave.

MOM: Yes, tomorrow – i 1 or 1:20 ok? BTW – i brought the salted pistachios to the office and ate so many I may have diarrhea tonight. i love them, but they are addictive. Love you.

DAD: Puss in Boots. Very, very clever, funny and well done. Great characters and voices. esp. Antonio B. and the villians Jack (Billy Bob T.) and Jill. Humpty Dumpty is a little contrived and annoying but he works. Rent it. xox

And lastly, my favorite for the week:

GRANDMA: PS say a prayer for me, I put my fake nails on and Gramps made tomatoe sauce and I accidently put my finger in the sauce and put it in my mouth to get the sauce off and guess what, there was NO NAIL ON MY FINGER. we searched all thru the sauce and on top of the table and no nail, so I truly think I ate my fake nail. BUMMER BUMMER, THANK GOD I had more nails now I will put rubber gloves on to m ake sure I don’t lose any more okay love ya.


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