It was junior year when I first heard about Invisible Children. In case you have no clue what it is, Invisible Children is a non-profit campaign set up to raise awareness and support for children in Africa who have been affected by war criminal Joseph Kony. He is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group in Uganda. He kidnaps children in the night and forces them to become soldiers to help fight in an unjust war. He even forces them to kill their own families. The boys are forced into becoming soldiers and the girls become sex slaves. Every night the children walk miles and miles to a safer place so the LRA can't find them.

One year on college, my school organized an event where we walked for miles and camped in a field, to just see a glimpse into their life (without the fear and terror of course). I am proud to support such a good cause. You will be too. Please help spread the awareness and watch pass along this video through your social media outlets.

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