Matt and I started volunteering for our church's youth group (grade 6-12). This is the first ever year of the program, and we started at the second semester, after things with the wedding calmed down.

Right now I work with middle school girls (which happens to be all 6th graders right now), and Matt with middle school boys. They are so much fun. I can't believe where our conversations end up going sometimes. We try  to start off talking about the guest speaker's message, but end up talking about anything under the sun. The randomness cracks me up.

I have realized it's not so much about teaching these girls, but building relationships with them. Not much has changed since middle school. There are still slightly awkward, shy outsiders (like I was), and still popular girls, but these girls get along really well and are sweet to each other, which I find so refreshing.

There are some Sunday nights when I don't want to go to youth. I'm too tired. I don't have the energy. I just want to curl up on the couch and watch TV with Matt. I suck it up and go, and I am always glad I did.

I'm not sure what our life will look like by the time the next school year starts, or if we will be doing youth next year. But I know for now, this is exactly what I need in my life. Those girls make my day.



MOM: Need some help immediately with twitter. Call if you can or let me know you can’t.
ME: I can’t call, what do you need?
MOM: I don’t know how to do the # thing. I have a tweet deadline and need help ASAP.
ME: I’ll call in ten mins.
MOM: Deadline over. No bother.

MOM: I called the high school you are excused.
MOM: Get up and go to the secretary and tell her you are dick and leave.

MOM: Yes, tomorrow – i 1 or 1:20 ok? BTW – i brought the salted pistachios to the office and ate so many I may have diarrhea tonight. i love them, but they are addictive. Love you.

DAD: Puss in Boots. Very, very clever, funny and well done. Great characters and voices. esp. Antonio B. and the villians Jack (Billy Bob T.) and Jill. Humpty Dumpty is a little contrived and annoying but he works. Rent it. xox

And lastly, my favorite for the week:

GRANDMA: PS say a prayer for me, I put my fake nails on and Gramps made tomatoe sauce and I accidently put my finger in the sauce and put it in my mouth to get the sauce off and guess what, there was NO NAIL ON MY FINGER. we searched all thru the sauce and on top of the table and no nail, so I truly think I ate my fake nail. BUMMER BUMMER, THANK GOD I had more nails now I will put rubber gloves on to m ake sure I don’t lose any more okay love ya.



bachelorette this weekend!

This weekend is the Bachelorette party for one of my best friends, Katie Hume. Katie and I have known each other since 2nd grade. Our friendship got stronger in high school and we have remained friends through college and after. I am so happy for her to marry the love of her life in less than a month!

Her sweet friend from college is letting us all stay at her house at Lake Martin, AL. I'm so excited to celebrate Katie's last days of single hood and hopefully get rid of this paleness. Congrats Katie!

Katie and her man, Reece

 Me and Katie at our senior prom
 Katie with her MOHs



st. paddy's day cray cray

Last weekend in Savannah was so much fun! I kinda want to move there actually! (More on that later). 

My friend Jenny is in med school at Mercer, so we hung out with a lot of her friends who were having open house parties. The parade lasted four hours, and goes by several of Savannah's grassy squares. People will literally set up camp at 6 am to get good spots to see the parade. It is basically like an all day tailgate for a football game. It was fun to see how creative people would get with their green costumes. All in all it was a blast! I would def. like to go down there for next year's celebration.

The green fountain. (No, they didn't dye the river green like I thought)

                                 Oh, yea! I met James Franco's twin!                                  
Then he let me wear his shirt inspired by this




I am so ready and excited for this weekend! Matt and I are going to the lovely city of Savannah to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style. Savannah makes a big deal out of one of my fav holidays, with a 5K race downtown, a festival, parade, and even dying the river green!

My friend Jenny is in med school at Mercer's Savannah campus, and Matt's college friends are going to be there too. I'm hoping for warm weather and sun, I need to get some vitamin D in me quick! 

Here is a preview of what my weekend will look like: :-)




(view from my desk)

Spring has finally sprung in Georgia! I've been waiting so long for this to happen! March can be a tricky month in GA...once week it will be 75, then in the same month it might snow. I can definitely put up with the smelly Bradford Pear trees if it means it will be sunnier and warmer.

For someone that has been self-diagnosed with SAD, I would say it's about time!!



volleyball game

Last night was my last volleyball game for the Marietta Volleyball League. As much as I love playing, I think this team was a bit too competitive for me, and I'm ready to have my Monday nights back. Matt came to our last game, in which we won the championship! He snagged this picture of me serving. I had to break out the spandex from senior year of high school. 



when parents text

DAD: I want grandchildren do something

ME: Today is Oreo’s 100th bday!
MOM: Who is oreo?

MOM: Your dad ate the restaurant fish in ingle wood and he shit on himself twice so don’t go there

ME: Yeah me too, but I think she’ll be good. I think the cast is a million times better than twilight at least.
MOM: But Bella has such an expressive face…
ME: hahahahahha good one
MOM: :| That’s my bella expression.

ME: Mom, I was accepted to the class in Japan!
MOM: I already saw that on Twitter. So 5 minutes ago.



It was junior year when I first heard about Invisible Children. In case you have no clue what it is, Invisible Children is a non-profit campaign set up to raise awareness and support for children in Africa who have been affected by war criminal Joseph Kony. He is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group in Uganda. He kidnaps children in the night and forces them to become soldiers to help fight in an unjust war. He even forces them to kill their own families. The boys are forced into becoming soldiers and the girls become sex slaves. Every night the children walk miles and miles to a safer place so the LRA can't find them.

One year on college, my school organized an event where we walked for miles and camped in a field, to just see a glimpse into their life (without the fear and terror of course). I am proud to support such a good cause. You will be too. Please help spread the awareness and watch pass along this video through your social media outlets.


what the heck am i supposed to do

I'm frustrated. I got another very familiar email today,

The position has been filled by another candidate. We will keep your resume on file and contact you if an appropriate position becomes available. We wish you the best in all your pursuits.

I'm starting to hate that email. I just don't know what to do anymore. I keep applying for the similar positions (the ones I feel qualified to do and have experience in), and after one or two rounds of interviews, they pick someone else. I don't feel I am applying for positions that I couldn't handle, so I'm not sure what to change about my approach in this process.

Maybe I can join the hundreds of other people "riding out the economy" by going to grad school. It's such a big investment, I feel I would need to know for sure that "this is what I'm supposed to do in life." I just don't feel that confident about a particular field of study. Also, I think the wave they thought would be gone in a couple years has turned into a tsunami that goes on and on and on and...you get the idea.

Let's be honest...isn't there a field of study called "I just don't want to work?" That's the lazy Gen Y part of me talking.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful to have a job right now, but I think my skills would better be used somewhere else.

I know I need to be better about listening to God's calling for my life. I think I am just frustrated today. Tomorrow is a new day though ~


when parents text

ME: snooks is preggo
DAD: I know!!!! In so happy for her and Gionni! XD

ME: Davy Jones died.
MOM: Oh no. Monkees were my BSB.

ME: where r u? jana’s water broke.
DAD: i’m getting my umbrella

DAD: Are we bowling? If so, what time?
ME: Up to you!
DAD: Umm… whats the bowling vibe? Positive? Indifferent? Negative? On a scale of 1-5.

DAD: I’m in church praying for you. We can talk later.
ME: Good job emailing in church.
DAD: I’ve watched entire football games in church.

ME: Hey mom, what year is the eclipse?
MOM: No idea! Eclipse? Solar or lunar? I didn’t hear a thing on the news about an eclipse! When did you hear about this?
ME: Mom, you drive an eclipse.

ME: Mom just told me of your PDC
DAD: What?
ME: Public Display of Crying.
DAD: When?
ME: Last week during Glee.
DAD: Ahhh – your mother!!!! What happens on my lazyboy stays on my lazyboy!

Have an awesome weekend y'all!!


the message

I recently bought a copy of The Message. I really enjoy this version a lot better than the traditional Bible. I bought one for my mom too, and she agrees.

For Lent I gave up Pinterest (for reasons I will explain on another day), and I'm also devoting thirty minutes a day to prayer/reading scripture. I am working on praying for specific things and trying to listen to God's voice -- something I don't feel like I really hear a lot. When other people tell me that "God told them to make this decision" in a sense it almost makes me jealous. I'm not expecting to actually hear a voice booming down or anything, but I just don't feel/hear it for some reason. I want to be diligent and keep working on it. A friend of mine told me a good way to begin is to pray for very specific things, and God might give you specific answers. I am hopeful that God will open my heart up to hear his voice.

I was wondering, have any of you read The Message? Do you like it? Does it bother you in how casual the language is? Just curious.