stranger danger

I saw this video on CNN today. It's crazy how thirty seconds can change someone's life forever. This little girl was smart enough to remember what she probably learned in school or from her parents about Stranger Danger, in this attempted kidnapping. In a blink of an eye, things could have turned out so differently for this girl, and I'm sure her and her family will forever be grateful it did not.

I think schools should teach more about this type of thing. Even though these cases are very rare, the result can impact a community forever, and our kids need to be better informed on this type of thing.

Lately I have been thinking if I'm supposed to be doing something in criminal justice or crime prevention. I heard this organization talking on the radio, and I have realized I have a passion for it. I'm just not sure what the next step is. I don't want to go to law school or be a cop. I emailed Keep Georgia Safe to see if I could volunteer at any events, but they never got back to me.

Any suggestions??

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