happy leap day!

Happy Leap Day! For those born on this day, a special Happy Birthday to you (x 3!). 
This March is looking to be very busy. First off, my best friend Katie Hume is getting married in April. She kindly asked me to be her Matron of Honor (why does matron make you sound 80 years old). She has three showers in March! My mom is having a luncheon at the Swan Coach house this Saturday, I am helping plan a girl's shower the next Saturday, and then the Bachelorette weekend at Lake Martin, AL is two weeks later. So excited about that one!! 

My good friend Sarah Jean is staying with me on the weekend of the 10th, and then my college friend Lauren is staying with me on the 31st. Matt and I are also going to visit my friend Jenny in Savannah over St. Patricks' Day. 

For those that don't know, St. Paddy's Day is always a big deal for me, coming from such an Irish family. Below is me in 3rd grade before going to school. Eat your hearts out.
Jenny, get ready for a fun time!

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Natalie Webb said...

OhhhhhhMG. I wanna frame this one. I love St. Patty's Reegy. Have so much fun in Savannah with Docta Andrews!!