guilty pleash

Is anyone watching the Bachelor this season? After I found out who he picks on Reality Steve, I decided not to watch this year. However, I tend to get bored sometimes and like to look online at what the blogs are saying.

Basically the girl who nobody likes goes skinny dipping with Ben in Puerto Rico. Full on n-e-k-e-d. So trashy. He lost my respect, and I hope all the other girls lost respect for him when they found out. He's an idiot for not realizing she is doing the show for publicity for her modeling career. Oh wait, I'm sure he's doing the same thing--for his winery.

The show is turning into Jersey Shore meets the Real World. I just feel bad for the contestants who actually have hope that they will find love. I actually liked Ben when he was on Ashley's season, thought he was funny. Now he seems like an immature little boy who only uses the head below his belt.

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