funny fridays-2.17

MOM: I am a litte dRunk. I just tried to text you with the remote control.

MOM: Since ur out w/ a boy tn i suppose i shouldve had a chat w/u b4 u left about kissing. sometimes a boy will try 2 put his tongue in ur mouth, its called french kissing, its icky& u just need 2 explain that ur ‘Merican & if he wants 2do that international kinda kissing he’ll just have 2 find some unshaven french girl. then maybe sing or hum america the beautiful.

DAD: Somebody told me I remind them of Channing Tatum. ?????????????!!!!!!!!
ME: What? Lol really?
DAD: Yes. I said that facially I see no resemblance but our bodies are exactly alike.
DAD: Why the laughter???

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