In an effort to save money, time, and eat better, Matt and I are starting E-Mealz next week. In case you don't already know what it is, E-Mealz is a weekly meal plan based on grocery store sales, seasonal discounts, and diet preferences. It simplifies the process of grocery shopping (which I hate), and helps you with your food budget. Financial guru Dave Ramsey recommends it, so you know that is something! It's only $5 a month, but there are usually sales on coupon websites such as Groupon where you can get it for cheaper. My friend Heather works there, and she lives by it.

Matt and I are going to do the Low Fat Meal for Two plan. There is no way we have time for all five meals, but I am hoping for maybe three. Here is an example of a weekly meal plan:

I will let you know in a few weeks how it's going!

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Natalie Webb said...

This is genius. I need to get the NY version.