wedding pics-ceremony

My high school and college friend Katie McDaniel, escorted by my brother-in-law Chris Arnold:
My childhood friend Katie Mathis, escorted by Matt's good friend Aaron Taulbee:
My college friend Sara Pyles escorted by Matt's high school friend Nat Weber:
My high school friend Katie Hume escorted by Matt's college friend Weston Rikard:
Matt's groomsman each gave him a little pumpkin with a note written on it when they got to the end of the aisle.
My college friend Laura Durchsprung escorted by Matt's college friend David Cannon:
My college friend Sarah Jean Collins escorted by Matt's college friend Daniel Brown:
My sister and matron of honor Kathleen Arnold escorted by Matt's high school friend and best man Kelly Davis:
My sister and maid of honor Colleen Lamb escorted by Matt's brother and best man Jonathan Anderson:
Matt's youngest niece Lauren was our flower girl. Her mom had given her instructions which she could repeat back to us when we asked "What do flower girls do?" Lauren would say "they drop the petals and don't talk." :-)

My college friend Kelly Troyer read 1 Cor. 13. Yes I know--so unoriginal!
While our pastor David Eldridge was talking, a helicopter hovered over the field for a few minutes. Apparently the state patrol was looking for a drug dealer (or a terrorist...I've heard both) and they thought the guy might have snuck into our wedding! David gave such a great message, so I'm sad people in the back couldn't hear part of it.
My college friend Ashley Mills played the violin and my high school friend Amy Hoffman played the piano. They sounded great! It was so special to have close friends play music. 
As our first act being married, we decided to serve communion to all our guests. I highly recommend doing this. It was so special having the chance to serve the guests (and see them all!) who have supported you during your engagement.
Thank you to our communion attendants Kelly Troyer, Natalie Webb, and Matt's sister and brother-in-law Nancy and Walt Nelson!

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