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Monday I tried out for a volleyball team here in Marietta. I wasn't really sure how it was going to be, or how competitive the league was. It turns out that the only team that had a spot is the REALLY intense team, that got second place last year and is looking to win the league championship this year. In fact, the team is called Lookin' For A Win.

I haven't played volleyball in a while. I played intramural in college, but that wasn't very intense, so really 2003 was the last time I have played competitively. I was a little better than I thought I would be, but kept getting confused on the rotation and where I was supposed to be. The "coach" (aka the lady I am replacing only bc she has a knee injury and who has been playing on this league since 1991!!) kept shouting at me all this volleyball lingo that I never learned in high school. I got very frustrated and I was probably the reason we lost one of our games. Oops.

Somehow I still made the team. Pretty positive I am their worst player, but oh well.

Afterwards I came home so sore. I am still sore, two days later. I cringe every time I have to get out of my chair at work. I'm really hoping this pain will be gone by our next game on Monday.

Even though I am nervous that I just joined a really good team where everyone else played in college and coaches now (!!) I am proud of myself for joining something without knowing anyone and challenging myself to improve on a sport that I haven't touched in a while. Who knows, I could even make friends out of this.

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Maggie Pyles said...

So proud of you Rach!