I have a need...a need to ski

Apologies for the cheese title. Lately I have had to urge to go skiing out west. Matt has too. In fact, he used to work for the Keystone Resort in Colorado for six months. He misses it so much, and I completely understand. 

Although I hate cold weather, skiing is really fun (when you're not falling...which I do a lot). I'm what you would call an "awkward" skier, in that I snow plow (or pizza) the whole way and look funny because I'm so tall.

I look just like this when I ski:

I have mostly skied on the east coast (NC, NY, WV, MD) but went to Park City, UT for my first time in sixth grade. My sister can vouch that it was one of my favorite family vacations. 

I also love little ski towns. They are just so cute, and make me wish it was Christmas time year round (it almost is).

Vail, Co:

Have you been skiing before? What resorts would your recommend in the US?

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Anonymous said...

Daniel nor I have been skiing before! Let's all go do it!
-Mary Hannah