funny fridays-1.6

DAD: Hi..only news..had a wisdom tooth pulled..put under my pillow..got an IOU from that crummy fairy..things r tuff ..

MOM: is flo ridea a girl or a boy

  • MOM: hi honey
  • MOM: hi honey
  • MOM: hewwwooo?!
  • MOM: why are you ignoring me?
  • MOM: is it because I told the ladies in the beauty salon that you’re having your period?
  • ME: …what?! my phone was just off…

  • MOM: Are feather earrings passé?
  • ME: Kinda… depends on the earrings.
  • MOM: :/
  • MOM: I already bought them.
  • MOM: I don’t want to be passé!
  • (15 minutes later)
  • MOM: I got you some earrings.

  • DAD: Who is Sacha Baron Cohen’s wife?
  • ME: Isla Fisher.
  • DAD: CCE!
  • ME: What is that?
  • DAD: Cutest Couple Ever!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm going to Nashville with some college friends this weekend. What are y'all plans?

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haha funny :)

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