funny fridays-1.13

  • MOM: Tell me why every time I watch Big Bang Theory, Sheldon ends up having the same shirts as you
  • ME: I hate you.
  • MOM: Omg I can’t believe how many you have the same

    DAD: Hi, Just wanted to tell you that I bought some new shaving gel today. This stuff has got to be the best ever – because, the label reads “Nivea. Revitalizing. Double Action. Coenzyme Q10″ What will it “revitalize”? My Brad Pitt / George Clooney looks? What will be the “Double Action”? Get done twice as fast? The “Q10″ sounds like what’s in the new Infinity car. Will monitor the results. Can’t hardly wait no longer!! Hope all is well with you, my dear. Love.

MOM: Hey baby! It’s sunny out so wear sunblock, it’s in the umbrella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay basket! Love you!

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